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How quickly can you return to PP status from LTP?

Question asked by pingreeman on Aug 3, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2017 by pingreeman

Is there anyone out there who is LTP, had a year or two of "silver" or "gold" activity equivalents, only to make it back to PP status?


I ask because the theory to make PP status (we all know of the top 3% requirement and potential dollar spend requirement which are almost universally accepted [on MRI that is] bars to cross) but what about the theory one must have had the prior 2 or 3 consecutive years at P-status? Does having LTP meet this latter threshold of consecutive years?


Use me as an example - - - I reached LTP in 2013 after 9 consecutive years as PP. Have had four paid nights since 2013, so a below "silver" equivalent. Now assume I can still manage 175 paid nights (the top 3% threshold)  in 2017. Am I likely to regain PP status for 2018?