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Ritz Carlton Rewards Card

Question asked by rle on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by rle

Does anyone know if I get the Ritz Carlton Rewards credit card and receive the Gold status credit, do they credit my Marriott Account with the 50 Elite nights in the same manner that the Marriott Rewards Credit Card credits my account with 15 elite nights?  Or do you just get the Gold Status? 


I am trying to decide whether to add and/or switch to the RC card but I am hesitant because, although it offers Gold Status (must spend $10K in the second year to keep it - or $75K to earn Platinum Status) and the MR card only offers Silver Status, the MR card offers one elite night credit per $3K spend, which adds to your Lifetime bank, and gives you 15 elite night credits each year (which also add to the Lifetime bank).  So, I am wondering if the RC card would be worth it or if I would lose out on earning those extra night credits...