You Can Now Earn Up to 45k Points Per Year By Interacting With Marriott on Social Media

Discussion created by rle on Aug 2, 2017
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Has anyone else heard about this?  The Points Guy posted the following article on his site today:

Earn Up to 45k Marriott Points Per Year Via Social Media
I have also copied and pasted the text of it below for ease of reference:



"Earlier this summer, Marriott officially unveiled its #MRPoints program that rewards customers with points for interacting with the brand on Instagram and Twitter. Today, the hotel chain announced a few changes, including a new name for the program: RewardsPoints.

In addition to tweaking the branding for its social media rewards promos, Marriott’s upping the maximum number of points you can earn through rewardspoints each year: Previously it was capped at a mere 2,500, and now you can earn up to 45,000 points.

Earning 45,000 points through interactions with Marriott on social media would take a lot of time and effort across the various platforms, but the brand’s also increasing the number of points you’ll earn for connecting your social accounts to your marriottrewards account.  Now, you’ll earn 750 points for connecting your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts (250 per account; previously you could only earn 50 per account for a total of 150 points). Plus, you’ll now earn 250 points for following marriott on Instagram and Twitter.

Overall, this is good news for marriottrewards members who are active on social media and are willing to interact with the brand to boost their account balance. Marriott said it will be launching three to four campaigns (that offer users the opportunity to earn points) per month, so make sure to follow the chain on social media if you want to leverage #mrpoints  ."

So, my questions for the communitymanagers are:

-Where/when was this announcement made?  I did not see in in an email or through any other outlets. 

- Does this apply to existing marriottrewards members?

- What if we already connected our social media accounts to #mrpoints ?  Do we have to disconnect our accounts and then re-connect them to get the increased amount of points?  Or do we have to connect to RewardsPoints ?

- Do we have to unfollow Marriott on Facebook and Twitter and then re-follow them in order to receive the 250 points?  Because, previously, no points were awarded for following the accounts.