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Copy of receipt

Question asked by joea1010 on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2018 by dans11480

I can't seem to get a copy of my bill.  I combined points with cash for a stay last week and my credit card was properly charged, but no bill came under my door and none was available at the front desk.  They said it would be e-mailed.  Of course, that hasn't happened.


I called Rewards twice and was e-mailed a folio (despite telling them exactly what I was looking for) that showed no charges and was not a receipt.  I called again and they said they would directly contact the hotel.  Several hours went by with nothing happening, so I called the hotel myself.  The person who answered was very nice and couldn't locate anything showing my card was charged, so she transferred me to Accounting.  I got a voice mail at Accounting and left a message.


I am tired of fooling around with this and tired of waiting for a simple receipt.  I need it to submit for my monthly expenses.  Can it really be this difficult to print out a bill?