What's Your Strategy for Maximizing Nights and Points?

Discussion created by bejacob on Aug 1, 2017
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With many of us trying to reach some level of Lifetime Status before Marriott Rewards and the SPG programs merge, I thought it would be useful to hear some tips on how best to earn those extra nights or points to achieve the numbers needed. Some Insiders are short the points. Others have enough points but need additional nights. Some need both. Whether it is using the MR credit card, rollover nights, earning MegaBonus points, or anything else that could help.


For those who have reached LTP

  • What advice would you offer to those who are nearing that goal?
  • Is there different advice for those who are short nights versus those who just need points?


For those working toward LTP (or LTG for that matter)

  • Have you found a strategy to get you to the required number of nights or points?


Of course the easy answer is to spend more time at Marriott. I'm more interested in what Insiders could do with just modest changes to travel habits while still getting the most nights/points for the money.