Missing nights at Baku Azerbaijan Autograph Collection (claiming I booked at which I haven't)

Discussion created by alammari on Jul 31, 2017
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Apparently I am not the only one suffering from points and might credits.


Have you ever had a stay for 5 nights and they add one night to your account and the rest you receive and email justifying why Marriott will not add the other 4? What’s even more interesting claiming that it was done through BOOKING.COM? absurd!


So I keep registering for promotions and receiving I am not eligible (even though I am) then I have to send emails to request them to register me in the promotions ( happened twice this year) also this is the 3rd time where I have to request a missing night stay and explain what went wrong, what’s happening Marriott? I keep changing my room preference to twin beds but receive King size bed coz it automatically go back to King size bed! Then I end up sharing a bed with a friend …. A guy friend … once even a colleague!!!!  I can’t travel while checking on you guys!


This is a turning point either I go back to Hhonors where I contact customer care and deal with the issue within hours or stick with Marriott and hope they don’t ignore my calls or emails.


I stayed in Baku Azerbaijan for the F1 Grand Prix, great week and holiday ruined by hotel who barely spoke any English, had 4 night stays for 1 room and another 1 night stay for 2 rooms, once I arrived I requested that they merge the booking which they acknowledged but didn’t do, then every day I had to explain why I had 2 bookings to staff who didn’t speak good English, last day was so frustrating coz they gave me 2 key rooms (while I’m staying in one so total of 3) then told them no no I have 2 rooms already, then went out and came by to realize they don’t know what room I’m talking about, had to explain for the 10th time, once they almost understood I went to my uncleansed  room (we are 3 in one room used the towels again after showering), 10 minutes later at 9pm a gentlemen came to the room and asked why I’m still in the room, had to explain for the dozen time, then was promised that the room will be cleaned which it didn’t, later a went to the bathroom for a shower, received 3 calls from the front desk telling me they will charge me extra night coz I stayed in a room WITHOUT  a booking! In all 3 calls the argument and explanation continued, upon checkout it was so crowded and disorganized the manager came to me and asked how can I help you I said I would like to check out and he said ok wait here and he went to the others and said the same thing! Why  ask them what they want if you can’t help them!! I am planning to visit Baku again next year for the Grand Prix in April I promise I will not stay in this hotel again, Hilton is a favorite choice since its exactly located in front of the paddock.


When I received the bill the bill stated that  I stayed one night and the guest with me stayed 5 nights, at that point it stood to long online I was late for my flight (so was the gentlemen behind me who frequently asked me to let him jump me inline, felt sorry for him and let him)


So …  I have sent 4 emails 2 Marriott which I received 2 replies for only, then I sent 3 to the hotel and received on replay on the third email after a week from sending the 1st… I also made an international call to follow up the lady informed me they have no case in the files for me! Then she said they received way to many emails its difficult to follow up with everyone that’s when I said : they why Merge if you can’t keep up?


Any ideas what to do next other than cancel all my upcoming bookings? Perfect timing coz I am planning my travels for October and its missing any Marriott properties, or other than emailing or calling which is not helping.


Note that my checkout date was 27th of June and still haven’t received a proper replay other than YOU HAVE BOOKED THROUGH BOOKING.COM.


Sorry for the long post but been frustrated with my account not registering promos or with missing nights and such just had to get it all out.