My Summer Holiday in Slippers

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Inspired by ssindc Robes and Slippers poll I decided to keep my slippers (but not the robe, don't have the baggage space nor the wish to be confronted by Chinese criminal law for theft!) from each hotel and lodging.


We stayed in:


1. The Shanghai Disneyland Toy Story hotel for 2 nights

2. The Shanghai Marriott City Centre hotel for 5 nights (60k points - bargain!)

3. The Shanghai to Xi'an X92 overnight Sleeper train for 1 night

4. The Xi'an Hilton hotel for 2 nights (probably my best ever hotel experience!)

5. The Beijing Renaissance Wangfujing hotel for 5 nights (60k points - another bargain!)


And managed to collect the slippers from them all.


So, here's what you've all been waiting for - The money shot:-




From Top to Bottom


1st. Disney's Toy Story Hotel - delightfully whimsical every room is Andys room complete with blue-sky-and-clouds wallpaper and a Rubiks Kube bedside table. Not cheap though, the priciest hotel here at $210/nt it only gets away with it because it's onsite Disney. The slippers themselves pinch a bit and the soles are thin.


2nd. Marriott Shanghai - opulent design throughout, beautiful rooms and scrupulously clean. If I'd paid this would have been second cheapest at $170/nt. The slippers have the waffle design with somewhat thicker soles and are comfy.


3rd. X92 Shanghai-Xi'an Sleeper train. We reserved a "soft sleeper" 4-bunk cabin at $300 for the cabin. We all got some sleep and it was an experience I'd recommend to anyone. I'll post in more detail on another thread. The slippers were however extremely cheap and nasty, barely fitted and thinnest soles possible. I'm very glad I bought my Marriott slippers for trailing back and forth to the shared toilets and washing facilities.


4th. Xi'an Hilton - Enormously impressive property and service with great elite recognition this was by some distance the best hotel we stayed at, and the cheapest at only $120/nt. The slippers as you can see are the worst part of the experience, horrid cheap things, not as bad as the railway ones, but it's close. Honestly, they were the only negative in the hotel and since I seldom bother with the slippers would probably never have noticed if it wasn't for my decision to make this odd collection for your delection!


5th. Beijing Renaissance Wangfujing - Very modern property with many of the rooms and the lounge overlooking the Forbidden Palace. I preferred this to the Marriott but it is a pricier $200/nt. Great Dec lounge with made-to-order eggs - there's a first - and Baileys at night. Returning to the Renaissance slippers, these were in my opinion the best, soft top, thick bottoms, open-toe, no pinching and easy to slip into and out of. Truly the star of the holiday-free-slipper collection!


So, it's time to show-and-tell on your free hotel slippers