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Help me do nights math

Question asked by schlechty on Jul 30, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by pingreeman

Im a first time gold elite person. I have 54 nights right now, 25 of which were rollovers from 2016. I think I might get close to 75 this year, but reading the rollover math sheets has me confused. I understand that you take the points you have, minus the points to stay at current level, minus rollover points from last year, to get to rollover points for next year. But if I do the math just that way, then getting to platinum this year would mean I'd have zero points toward next year's gold. If I intentionally stay shy of 75, I'd get a big jump on gold form 2018. Which makes no sense to me, wouldn't Marriott WANT me to use their visa so I could get more nights?? Would I start at 0 nights or at 50 if I made platinum? What if I had 74 nights at the end of 2017, how many would I be left with for 2018?  Help me understand what to do to stay gold for 2018.

Also, do the rollover points maths go Jan-Dec, or some other date? Thanks in advance for help.