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Is it better to try for as many Marriott nights over 75 or work to hit SPG 50+ milestone?

Question asked by jhincle on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2017 by barry3150

Right now I'm at 62 Marriott Nights and 35 SPG nights, my travel policy opened up to a Westin in a better location than my usual Marriott and I've taken advantage of that when the programs merged.  I also transferred points to make a whole 2-week spring break trip at SPG properties (I find I typically get upgraded to much better rooms at SPG properties).  I've booked out for the next few months and will be on track to hit 75 with Marriott by the end of August.  I'm trying to decide if there is any benefit to driving my Marriott nights up after 75, especially since there is status match and I'm all ready at Platinum with SPG and don't really need to get to 75 with Marriott.  I would have liked to been in a situation to get to 75 with SPG after the programs linked, but I travel to a lot of smaller areas with only a Marriott option.  I can't see any reason to not stay Marriott until the MegaBonus is over and try to get to the next milestone with SPG.  I have a lot of 1 night stays, so the Marriott promo was much more lucrative than staying at SPG the last few months.  A long winded explanation for a fairly short question .  Any thoughts are appreciated, I've been working to try and maximize point earnings since the programs merged.