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Anyone Familiar With London Heathrow Airport?

Question asked by rle on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2017 by pluto77

My partner and I are taking my mother on a river cruise down the Danube in December (Nuremberg to Budapest). We are traveling to Munich for a couple nights before hopping on the cruise.  I booked the flights to/from London separately using points.  But I needed to get to Munich from London and then from Budapest to London, so I bought those flights separately.  I am flying to London on Virgin Atlantic, arriving at Terminal 3 and then three hours later, we fly on British Airways out of Terminal 5 to Munich. 

I am wondering if anyone has any insight/knowledge about LHR as I have never been.  After we arrive at Terminal 3, will we have to get our luggage and go through customs before we can go to Terminal 5 and get on the next flight?  Or will we be able to If so, is this doable in three hours? 

The rest of the trip is all taken care of but this one leg has me very worried and nervous, especially with my mom and her first trip to Europe.  Any help, insight or advice is appreciated!  Thanks!