Does anyone use flyertalk and find it to be hostile?

Discussion created by 50centakagansta on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by wally3433

I am new to the world of elite and loyalty, I've try starwood and hilton but in the end Marriott suits me the best, even after merging with SPG ,I still mostly only want stay with Marriott brand as a loyal member.


However recently I found the biggest marriott forum in the world that Flyertalk , a few members is very hostile against me, I simply share a POSITIVE review about my recently stay, but it was deeply twisted and they making fun of it, after that I decide to defend myself and clarify things, but ironically did not receive any response about that other than calling me a troll. But why so many posts and snark before I posting a clarify comment? Do they really want discuss or just like to make fun of others?


I am not from America, but all the american I meet and know is nothing like this, and I know this posting is not directly related in this forum but I really, just want to share that it feels very disappointed to see how some members being hostile and snarky with you in the same Marriott brand that both of you enjoy and prefer.


Since that is an american website, can anyone please let me know why they are being so sarcastic and couldn't just be rational and stay on the topic?