SLOOOOOOOOW Posting of Points from stays

Discussion created by stelzer001 on Jul 26, 2017
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I hope I am not the only one who sees this trend.


I make a paid stay. The Bill I receive on checkout has my MR # with the XXXX 1234 on it (not my real last 4 account #). Then about 3 business days later the get the email with the e-folio saying "Thanks for Staying with US" that has my same bill and same MR# on it. I remember that in 2016 and for many years prior to that year) that meant (the email) that the points and stay had been posted to my MR account. Now, it seems disconnected, and the points don't show up for another 3 business days. So basically, it takes Marriott over a week (in calendar days) from the day I check out (in person, with a live FD person) for the points to post. On top of that, as there is mentioned in another discussion, the summer megabonus wont post any incremental points until September.


Is Marriott's IT really that bad?


When I fly (which is usual when I stay at a hotel), the airline posts my flight within 24 hours (ok, sometimes 48), but it happens quickly. Even when on a codeshare or partner airline, the points post (most of the time) in less than 4-5 (Calendar) days.


Marriott - what is wrong here? why doesn't the email trigger the points being posted anymore. Sure seems like a downgrade to loyal MR members (at least to me)