What's Old Is New Again?

Discussion created by painedplatinum on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2017 by iahflyr

For the contributors on here that have been around for many years, something looks familiar....or is it just me?


When I first came to Insiders, it was predominantly members posting travel news, adventures, sharing concerns, and hashing out strategies. There were some hotel reviews and other odds and ends, also. What wasn't there was a heavy presence of Marriott Corp. folks interacting with much more than a cursory pop in. Questions would be asked toward Marriott and never answered. That didn't appear to be one of the purposes of the site.


Then, a couple of years ago, Marriott Corp got much more involved. Community Managers got names. They were here actively involved on a daily basis. Info flowing in both directions was the norm. Problem solving was frequent and appeared welcome.


So, have we seen a pull back of interaction from the Marriott Corp team? If so, should we direct posters with questions, thoughts, or concerns to head over to facebook or other social media outlets for more personal interaction?


I didn't mind the original Insiders where Marriott played a subdued roll, but I admit, I was pleased when the "team" was more personally involved.