My points are gone and I can't get them back!

Discussion created by lawler.nick on Jul 24, 2017
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I recently had an extended business trip where I stayed at a Courtyard Marriott for 76 nights in a row. The stay was perfect. Great hotel, great staff. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent there. Upon return home I anxiously awaited my reward points to hit my account so I could start planning a family vacation, the only problem is they never came through. My points showed up in my United Mileage Plus account, a setting in my Marriott Rewards profile that I set 6 months prior to my trip and forgot to change back, caused all my points to be converted into a lousy 8,000 frequent flier miles instead of the over 90K in Marriott rewards points I was expecting. It was something I remember doing but had forgotten to switch before leaving. Upon calling and emailing Marriott, they've told me there's nothing they can do. I'm just out of luck. Instead of several free nights at a nice Marriott property I'm left with not enough frequent flier miles to do anything with. The value is what is most disappointing. I spent over $10K for my stay at the Courtyard Marriott and got less than $150 worth of frequent flier miles.... Not much of a reward. Again I understand it was my fault for checking that setting but for Marriott to tell me sorry...Thanks for staying with us but there's nothing we can do... that's a little frustrating. Lesson learned, if you have a 76 night stay planned be sure your profile reflects how you would like to see points come through. Damn.