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Can you help me find value in the Starwood 'flex date'?

Question asked by erc on Jul 23, 2017
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megalab over on the FlyerTalk Starwood forum writes the following in response to TravelinSperry;



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...To your point, most people become used to a website - and that's what they like/know. But for me, I'd prefer transparency over ease... although clearly both are best.

I've found both sites to have blind spots in comparing rates and use different methods to get the information I need, but once I figure it out it comes easily. I do like the flexible date calendar better, but I know how to use the flexible date calendar to get either total stay price or average daily price across different rates.

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Now, I don't know megalab, or I would write him personally for more insight. Can anyone (verysuiteboy, clebert, normanp, brianandlin on hiatus in Germany, or any other Starwood web site users) please explain to me, what if any value there is in the Starwood flexible date calendar? There's no way you will convince me that it is better than the Marriott flex date calendar where I can look at a property's rate for the next eleven months and decide to book accordingly, but if I can find any utility in the Starwood flex date calendar, I would be greatly appreciative. I have spent hours trying to make use of Starwood's site and finally just gave up until I saw the above on FlyerTalk, so I thought I'd try one last attempt, asking Insiders for their insights.

If there is any value of the Starwood flex calendar; A) I can't find it, but more importantly, B) I really want to know about it and use it.  There are times where I would be willing to pay $15 - $25 more for a Starwood, to get that 'Starwood treatment', but I don't want to spend hours looking for it. Any thoughts on why megalab likes Starwood's flex calendar better than Marriott's (wisecracks and psychological guesses will be accepted ).


If the general consensus is that there isn't any value, I'll at least have peace of mind that I'm not missing out.

Thank you.


For helping me out, here's the most up to date Marriott/Starwood map, excellent as a starting point for research: