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Marriott nights and points from 2 different reservations

Question asked by katiemag5 on Jul 23, 2017
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I know that hat the Marriott policy is that a person may only earn night credit for the room they aculy stay in but I am curious if there is a way around that? Example- I booked and paid for 2 rooms for 7 nights in my last trip. One for me and my husband and one for my MIL and kids. I only earned night credit for the room I stayed in. This week, my husband will be OOT staying at a Marriott and i will  at another Marriott in another state. He uses my Marriott elite number but if we are staying at 2 properties in the same dates, how does that work? I don't want to get him his own because this is rare and we are already close to gold lifetime and have platinum through Feb 2019.