Shelbourne Dublin Renaissance - A Hotel Review

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We stayed at this hotel in two rooms for two nights in May 2017.  We arrived from the Dublin airport, and everyone that we encountered along our public transportation route who asked where we were staying, was very impressed by the address.  It is apparently considered the best hotel in Dublin.  When we arrived, there were porters at the entrance who were helpful.  We walked through the spacious - I wouldn't call it a lobby, in the way that we think of hotel lobbies - it was more like an enormous foyer (resplendent with beautiful flowers), with the No. 27 Bar & Lounge to the left (occupying the entire left corner of the property), the Lord Mayor's Lounge to the right (and tucked away, behind it, the Horseshoe Bar), the Saddle Room and grand staircase straight ahead.  The actual hotel lobby was in the back, sort of behind/between everything else, though we didn't have any difficulties finding it.  We were checked in by a nice young Irishman who economized on words.  We were told that we were upgraded from the standard rooms that we had booked on points (I no longer have the paperwork, so can't speak concisely to this).  I was told that as platinum, I was entitled to breakfast for two each day in the Saddle Room restaurant (no lounge).  I can't recall now how the negotiating went, however I somehow managed to talk him into providing complimentary breakfast for all three of us during our stay.  I chose the wine and appetizers for the arrival gift, but asked if we could have it delivered the next evening, which he said, definitely.


Our rooms were beautiful, beautifully appointed and spacious.  We had no view (inner courtyard filled with paint supplies), but it wasn't an issue, our stay was so short and little time was spent in our beautiful rooms.  They had a turn down service, where they left chocolate, slippers by the bed and replenished the bottled waters and anything else that may have gotten utilized during the day.  Our arrival gift that was supposed to be delivered on the second night, was delivered the first night.  We declined it.  The second night, it was supposed to be delivered at 8pm, but was delivered in the afternoon.  Hey, it's all good.  We stayed on points, who can complain?!


We made good use of the dining options at the Shelbourne.

  • Our first evening (arriving late), we dined in the No. 27 Bar & Lounge.  The food, drink and ambiance was excellent.  It is popular with the locals.
  • The breakfasts in the saddle room might well be (in fact, I would say were) the best Marriott breakfasts I've ever had.  The spread was amazing... I can't even remember everything that they offered, it was so much and so nice... such variety and quality!  Plus, as we were allowed to order anything off of the menu, my Aunt had eggs benedict twice, and they looked picture perfect!  Although "Marriott Eggs" are offered, they also have a chef, who will make omelettes or eggs any way your heart desires.  The bacon was particularly good (thick, juicy, but slightly more lean, Irish style back bacon), and I had my first go at Black Irish Pudding and White Irish Pudding.  It's so good!  Terribly good, in fact!  The service was excellent.
  • We did the afternoon tea in the Lord Mayor's Lounge, and it too was excellent.  21 different kinds of tea, and you can try as many as you wish.  The food was also wonderful, but too much.  In Ireland (and elsewhere), they don't remove your plates like they do here.  If it appears that one person is still eating (even if they aren't), they leave the plates.  Other than that, it was a great experience with great service.
  • My Mom and I had a glass of wine in the Horseshoe Bar the second evening (I had a drink coupon, it was a platinum thing) and enjoyed our time there visiting, however we liked the No. 27 Lounge a little better.


With so little time in Dublin, there was no time to engage with the gym, pool or spa.  The pool looked nice.  I used their business center, which is tucked away on another level, near the conference facilities.


The concierge folks were wonderful, so very, very helpful.  They'll do just about anything for you.  Feel free to ask!  The morning that we were to check-out, I had planned to "air coach it" back to the airport, pick up the rental car from Hertz and drive back to pick up my ladies.  I mentioned that I was a bit anxious about driving back into the city with the dedicated bus lanes and the one way streets, and no nav equipment.  He suggested that for less than €25, why not just take a taxi to the airport, the three of us and be done with it?  Fantastic idea!


What else?  Oh!  The little museum!  As this is an old hotel with a lot of interesting history, there is a wonderful little room  off of the lobby that is filled with Shelbourne Dublin historical artifacts.  It was great and a must see!!


The hotel is located near a number of Dublin tourist attractions, including St. Stephen's Green, a handful of museums, Trinity College and shopping on Grafton Street.  You can catch the 'Do Dublin' Hop on Hop off bus tour just one street over on Dawson St., where there are also a number of dining options.


All in all, I loved the Shelbourne Dublin Renaissance, and would return in a heartbeat.  It's expensive if paying with coin, which makes it an excellent choice for using points.


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