4pm Late Check out for Golds/Plats: Is it a guarantee or just a nice thought?

Discussion created by tker on Jul 18, 2017
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Had an unpleasant experience yesterday at the SHS Newtown RD Norfolk VA.


Really wanted a 4pm checkout for today as I had some early meetings. Wanted to come back to room. Catch up on emails and change before flight home.


They simply said NO. They were not giving any late checkouts on Tuesday of any kind.


I reminded them that it was a guaranteed benefit for Plats. Offered to show web page. Wouldn't budge.


I called customer care-they concurred with the property saying (and I am not kidding) its only guaranteed if available. I said "how is that a guarantee at all?" They just wouldnt help.


Here's what is written in the regs.

"Guaranteed 4 p.m. late checkout, subject to availability at resort and convention hotels"


Sounds to me like the only places with flexibility are resort and convention properties. I try to be pretty easy going, but this has me pretty irritated.


MR really needs to educate the properties and especially those in Customer Care. I was astonished at their response.


In the grand scheme, its not a big deal. But MR makes the benefits. Why should it be so hard to utilize them?