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Delta or Four Points?

Question asked by clebert on Jul 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by flexibletravels

I have a trip to Fargo, ND, coming up this winter.  We have stayed at the RI before, but had prior bad experiences (i.e., ******* hockey players running up and down the hall all night long unsupervised and slamming as many doors as possible).  We've also tried the FFI which was fine but Spouse wants a hotel with a restaurant inside (i.e. full-service property).  This narrows us down to the CY in nearby Moorhead, MN which doesn't really have a restaurant - plus, no free breakfast which is a major downer, or the brand new Delta hotel which looks pretty nice but is a bit pricier.  Or there is an SPG property called Four Points that says it has a restaurant, but it looks kind of dubious like maybe it's one of those bistro-type things the CY's have.  Any road warriors out there familiar with Delta or Four Points?  Do we get our complementary breakfast at either of those?  Is the Delta actually a full-service hotel?