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Aruba Pointers needed

Question asked by ks83 on Jul 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by ks83

I am planning a trip to Aruba for our 5th anniversary this November from 29th to 3rd for 4 nights. I have already made a reservation at the Renaissance mainly because of the private island and the price. We already have a big trip planned in December to Arizona for my birthday - hence the price factor.


The Aruba Surf Club is roughly the same price if I select the same room type. Should I go with that property instead of the Renaissance? I dont like too much crowds and I have heard Palm beach is always crowded.


I have just made a reservation for the basic room - is there a chance I will get upgraded to an oceanfront room because of my platinum status or should I book the ocean view room at least?


Should I rent a car or using Uber / taxi is just fine?


I looked at some other posts which gave me a brief idea about things to do like baby beach, sunset sail.


Any other pointers on things to do would be great.