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Alaska Cruise - Advice Sought

Question asked by bejacob on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by bejacob

It's time to finally go to Alaska, the last of the 50 states I need to visit. For this first trip to the Last Frontier, we've decided a cruise is the best option. Having never taken a cruise, I'm reaching out to Insiders for advice. Here's are the decisions I've made so far, though none a set in stone.

  • 7 day cruise from Vancouver to Seward
  • Looking primarily at Celebrity or Royal Caribbean (leaning slightly toward Celebrity)
  • Summer 2018 (probably late July or August)
  • Balcony cabin (virtually everyone says it's worth it)


Celebrity and Royal Caribbean both visit Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, and Hoonah (Icy Point Strait). The other major cruise lines omit Hoonah, instead spending an additional day cruising. I'm in favor of the one extra port of call.


We're looking at spending a few days after the cruise near Anchorage and Denali, which will probably include a Marriott stay.


  • Is it worth combining a cruise/land tour or should we just try to visit Anchorage/Denali on our own?
  • What other add-ons/shore excursions are worth considering?
  • Is is worth booking through Marriott Rewards Cruises to earn points or are there better deals elsewhere?
  • As someone who has never taken a cruise, what else should I know?


I know quite a few Insiders have been to Alaska, many on a cruise ship. I'd love to hear your stories, advice and suggestions.