Category 5 Certificate with Chase Visa

Discussion created by barry3150 on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2017 by clebert

I've been looking for ways to use my annual category 5 certificate that comes with my Marriott Rewards Visa card from Chase.  Several years ago it seemed easier to use when Marriott Categories were 1 - 7, but now that Categories go up to 9, it seems there are fewer hotels in category 5 or below that catch my interest.


I'm wondering if others are having the same issue and if anyone has some ideas to share.


it would be great if they increased the certificate to include category 6 or would let you get a discount/credit when you used the certificate on category 6 - 9.  For example, let use use the certicate on category 7 as a 50% discount coupon OR a credit of $100.  That would make using the certificate much more useful.


With credit card companies having lots of schemes to get folks to use there card, it just feels like Chase has let the value of the Marriott Visa drop.  Time for them to refresh the offers.


I would love to hear others ideas of what they think of the current card AND what suggestions you'd give to Chase and Marriott on making the card better.