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Does anyone know if the receiving of rewards issue with booking thru Atlantis has been resolved?  I am trying to get my 5 points/$ for booking/staying at a Marriott property but Chase has denied me the points.

Question asked by jgs on Jul 9, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2017 by 10yearcustomer

I booked thru Atlantis because that is the number I was told to call from Marriott's website to book a family vacation for 19 people.  You can't book that many people on the website.  I put most of the reservations on my Marriott Chase credit card (They only would allow 3 reservations and had to use another card to for rest of the reservations-but thats another issue I have had with this ordeal) figuring I would get 5pts for every $ I spent because it was going to be at a MARRIOTT property.  Wrong, if you book by calling one number you get the points or you call the other number you don't get the points.  No one in the world knows that though...well except us poor people who figure it out the hard way.  I have worked with Marriott and can imagine how that plays out...its Marriotts fault...its Chase's fault...and the only one who loses is the consumer.  The algorithm from Marriott doesn't say MARRIOTT in the description so its not a MARRIOTT property so Chase reads it and says get 1 point per $.  I can literally say that the ONLY reason we decided to go the Atlantis with 19 people was to get the perks of being a rewards member.  I have been loyal but I can tell you that after this trip my loyalty may be gone.  It has been to much work to stay loyal.