The Dark Side Thread

Discussion created by brightlybob on Jul 8, 2017
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Dare you face THE DARK SIDE?


Can you admit you've tried it and perhaps even enjoyed it too?


Tonight, for the first time this millennium I am staying at a Full Service HILTON.




Yeah, I know, what can I say, Free Diamond for 18 months and a £20 off Metropole voucher made me do it!


Now you'll note I've cunningly called it the dark side, so my angelic Dudley-Do-Right American counterpart bejacob doesn't spot what I'm up to 'cos he'll be so scared by the title, and the mods won't spot it cos it's a cunning code - Dark Side = Hilton - who'd guess? Here, in the absence of he-who-shall-not-be-named - no you're too nice to be him bejacob - hmm does anyone think the fact I've tagged him twice might just alert him to this topic - ner.... he's way too overtagged already!


Now where was I? Oh, yes, in the absence of he who shall not, well you know the rest, we can enjoy a safe haven where we can all confess our Hilton sins, and even admit we might have enjoyed them -  Anyone guessed I'm in the Hilton Exec lounge and it's VERRY generous with its beer and bubbly - On a Saturday? Nope, good!


So, confess here and receive absolution



Or not - whatever!