Stung by the Rewards Program

Discussion created by randallsims on Jul 6, 2017
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I signed to join the 3 reward programs (Marriott, SPG, Carolton).  I assumed that meant they 3 would be were joined together.   So i have been doing business with SPG hotels these last 2 years assuming that the accounts were truly joined.  I go to sign up for "infinite points" at Marriott which required me to sign in to my account there.  That is when I discovered i had lost over 11,000 points.  I started searching through the documents and find out that the 3 are joined but points to each are not joined.  When I signed up, there was nothing saying that the points for the accounts would still remain separate. You had to go further into another page to see all that.  I called and talked to a representative and got no where.  Very disappointed in Marriott because they were not more up front on this issue. Come to find out i could even of just transferred those points to SPG.  Very unhappy customer.