Back to Buenos Aires - With Camera

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Here goes ... My first photo post since the death of the Marriott Insiders photo galleries.  (Good rule for life: I'll try anything once.  More notes on the posting process, below...)


I was back in Buenos Aires (fourth time for me) for a 2-day conference, saddened the old, classic Marriott is gone (hypothetically under renovation), but not terribly unhappy that I ended up in the (admittedly exquisite) Four Seasons.  A colleague and I booked a day-long photo tour with Day Clicker Photo Tours  and we had a great time. I'd done many of the tourist attractions previously, so we went is search of some different images.  Here's some of my favorites....


Sunrise, down near the municipal airport

ElMuelle(Sunrise 2).BA17.jpg

So many fun street scenes


Lots of little details caught our eyes.

Faux Columns_7698.BA17.jpg

One of my favorite - I think it's titled: Still life with sink and (inexplicable) hanging plastic soda bottle?


A nice stop for coffee:


So much fun architecture, but don't miss the winged cherub between the arches:


We loved the painted signs


Look carefully - don't miss the four (4) window washers working the long rappel on the glass building.

Towers 7660.BA17.jpg

And, yes, something a little more mainstream


Colors, colors, everywhere


Even the mail slots have character


So many steeples and spires, so little time


Ah - These gems - then known as Citroen Ducks - were all the rage in Germany, when I lived there in the 1970's

Citroen Duck_7792.BA17.jpg

Look up, look up...

Steeple (3)_7774.BA17.jpg

Well, that's probably plenty for you to get the idea.

Oh, and a couple of fun phone pics from the exquisite Palacio San Martin, where our conference was held.  Here's inside, looking out:


And here's the entry foyer - yeah, I've been to conferences in worse venues:


And, yes, iahflyr, we checked our luggage so we could carry on our cameras and lenses and still have a tripod and suits and dress shoes and laptops and ... and .. (and lions and tigers and bears, oh my) ... Well you get the idea!!!!


A note to Insiders, such as pluto77, fschumpert, kharada46, razorbackfan, sg1974, iahflyr, and other photo posters.  This post included lots of high-resolution images, and - at least so far - the process has been (painfully) slow, but the auto-save function appears to be functioning... (Initial feedback confirms that opening this post - in full length - is (too) slow.... Alas.) The good news is that my draft post looks good (OK, gorgeous) on my screen.  I'm curious to see how it comes out on your ends. (And I welcome suggestions as to how make photo posts more accessible in the future.)


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