HORRIBLE Marriott Experience!

Discussion created by tpate on Jul 5, 2017
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I am a long time Marriott loyalist, I always stay at a Marriott property over others, even if a conference is at a different property.  I expect a certain level of customer support and quality of services/facilities, like most all Marriott rewards members.


Well, this past week has gotten me so turned off on Marriott that I am considering leaving the chain!  If anyone has suggestions on the best way to handle some of my concerns, please chime in.  I don't think I am being too demanding, but I don't think the personnel I have been dealing with have been helpful at all.


1.  Booked 2 rooms for myself and a colleague at the Residence Inn SeaWorld in Orlando for a conference (held at the Rosen Center, but I chose Marriott).  I paid for my colleagues room since we were traveling separately and left a key for her at the front desk.  When she arrives, they can't find any record of her (her name was on the reservation!), nor can they find the key I left.  It took about 30 minutes to get this resolved with me on the phone and sending them the confirmation number.  I get back to the property and the girl I left the key less than 2 hours earlier with was at the desk when she was trying to check in!!  Such a mess.


2.  The room was so sub par!  The couch in my room was dirty and was broken down, the carpeting torn, and just dingy!  After a couple nights, I was up in the middle of the night and saw roaches crawling in the bathroom!  YUCK!!!  I told them at the front desk, and they said they would have the room treated.  Okay, **** happens.  It's Florida, so yes, there are bugs.


3.  Get up on Wednesday to go to my conference and walk to the parking area - guess what??  Smash and grab overnight.  About 6 vehicles (including mine) were broken into!  I had several items stolen.  Joy, Joy.  Again, yes, I know this happens.  But here it is a week later and I still can't get in touch with anyone about what is going on.  I was told a rep would be in touch within 48-72 hours - We're a week later and still nothing!!  I got a snide comment from the guest services that signs are posted that Marriott is not responsible.  Well, I get that on one level, but I expect to feel safe and protected by a property - both inside and on the grounds.  Apparently this has happened numerous times according to one of the staff - so why is there no additional security or cameras???  I had to repeatedly ask for the incident report and finally got it when I checked out on the 3rd.  5 days later!!!


4.  Had plans with my family to stay additional nights after my conference.  We come back to the room at about 8pm to find roaches crawling EVERYWHERE!!!  Up the wall, across the floor, then find them in the fridge!!!  Totally disgusting!!  I go down and the front desk thinks I'm making it up I guess, so the supervisor comes up.  He sees the ones we killed and live ones crawling.  They finally change our room!


This experience was so disheartening.  I lost both conference and vacation time dealing with all of these issues.  I had a terrible room.  And horrible customer service. 


After all of this I was offered 25,000 points.  Really???  I had a total of 11 nights at this property during this stay!!  They finally reimbursed me for the food we had to throw away due to the roach infestation, but I really had to push for that.  This seems like a very weak gesture to me.


And before you ask, yes I considered moving hotels and even checked into it.  But it was July 4th Holiday week and hotels were booked and prices at a premium.  So it just wasn't realistic.