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eStandby Upgrades: Yea or Nay

Question asked by yogib on Jul 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2017 by monisame

Leaving tomorrow for 4 nights in London. 2 redemption nights at County Hall, 1 paid night at St-Pancras and 1 redemption night at St-Pancras.


First of all: I asked St-Pancras to make sure we wouldn't have to switch rooms despite two reservations. Guest services wrote back:

I have taken a look in our system and I can confirm that we have both reservations with us. I tried to allocate the same room however I noticed that they are booked with different categories. As a P6 member you are entitled to a complimentary upgrade to the next category if we do have availability, that is why I have tried to do so however we do not have any Premier rooms available so I was not able to change the category to keep you in the same room for your next reservation. The availability might change, however for the moment I have allocated a very nice premier room and a nice queen room for your stay.

Only an upgrade to the next category? That's silly. Is this normal for Plat (P6??) members?


More so, both hotels send me links to purchase eStandby Upgrades. Funny that I didn't receive two emails from St-Pancras, so I'm thinking that it's only being sent our for redemption reservations.


The email states (amoungst other blabla):

We invite you to use the new eStandby Upgrade® programme to potentially upgrade your [Deluxe Room 1 King] at a special offer rate.

Going to the actual page, this is what is being offered:

eStandby Upgrades.png

So it looks like they want to try getting some extra cash out of me to "assure" certain upgrades? (Although it still says Find out at check-in if you are awarded an eStandby Upgrade® or any combination of Add-on Offers.)


Won't I get upgraded as a Plat Elite on a redemption stay? Our travel to London already went slightly over budget, since we booked pretty last-minute. I prefer not to spend extra cash if not necessary.


Yae or Nay?