"You're On a Roll, John."

Discussion created by pluto77 on Jul 2, 2017
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Wow, in reading the thread this morning, Elite Status Extended to June 2019 - Why? , I began thinking about what it must be like to spend over half of an entire year living in hotels in cities and towns often far away from home.  It is incredible how many nights some of you uber Plats have out there.  And incredible to think about how many points you rack up at the same time.


As a non-business traveler, I could only imagine that spending half my life in a hotel somewhere might seem heavenly... Don't have to make or clean up after my own breakfast, having a personal maid everyday, peace and quiet, time all to myself, always clean and clutter free environment (no dog hair!), all those points rolling in... Heaven.  Or not?  Does it get old?  Or is each place a new adventure?  Is it hard to find time to redeem all of those points?  I know it must be different traveling on business, but still... seems kind of like a sweet deal, missing family or not.  To all of you uber stayers, how is it?