Inability to Download Receipts

Discussion created by pevers on Jun 30, 2017
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As many business travelers, I need to submit my receipts for reimbursement.

Up to today, I would go to the Marriott website, pull up my previous stays and download the receipt. A very simple and easy process.


Today, i went to the website, pulled up my June stays, clicked on my account activity and "Request Bill". Instead of receiving a copy of my bill. I received the following message: " The bill for this stay cannot be displayed online, but you may request a copy directly from the hotel." (bold is from the website) with a link to contact the property directly for the receipt.


Based on this,. my choices are:

1. Keeping the original bill, scanning it to my computer and attaching to my expense report

2. Printing out the e-mailed receipt, scanning it to my computer and subsequently attaching to the expense report.

3. Calling the property directly and receiving the e-mailed receipt, printing it out and then scanning to the computer.


There is a fourth option in my case. I do have Adobe Acrobat Pro and can print to a PDF file - which is what I will do. However not everybody is willing to spend several hundred dollars for the software to do a PDF conversion.


Irrespective of the options, there is a significant increase in the "hassle" factor. As i need to produce receipts to get paid, this is non-productive time. Too bad I cannot bill Marriott for the wasted time.


I do not understand why corporate decided to modify the website and eliminate access to receipts. This is going backwards in customer service.


By the way, I called the 800 number to talk to a representative and was put on a 20 minute hold. The representative initially did not understand my complaint. However, she subsequently sent me receipts - same thing as the e-mailed receipt (option 2 above). She was not very sympathetic.