It's TIPPLE-2 time!

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TIPPLE-2 - TIPPLE you, Sah!


Wouldn't you know it folks, it's a mere 500 days since bejacob and I posted an invite to join us for drinky-poos and British Scampi Fries.






And without further ado we were in Houston where loads of you turned up, as did Big Thom (VP of Marriott Loyalty) and Nathalie (Insiders Empress herself). It took no effort at all, it just happened, all that grub, booze, upgraded suites and libation-led conviviality. I've never known anything so easy to organise. That's right, bejacob simple, right, no effort at all - um, why are you bashing your head against that wall? You're leaving a dent...


Now bejacob I was just telling all these people how I found it so easy to organise TIPPLE last year, that I thought I'd give you the opportunity to do it next - um, why are you opening the knife drawer... Yes, I have seen Nightmare on Elm Street, it's a gardening documentary lamenting an outbreak of Dutch elm disease - No, I wasn't aware it had gimp masks and big knives! Silence of the Lambs, isn't that about Dolly the cloned sheep?




Eeeek, scary -




Aaaah, that's more like it!



Right, I've left bejacob in the kitchen counting his "Brit-stabbing knife collection" and laying them out neatly muttering something about "easy to organise, I'll slice him from ear to ear and re-organise his gurning face". Anyhow, I've decided to take a rest this year from my TIPPLE organising and just tell you what's going on.



So, TIPPLE-2 - That's the name I made up for us all, namely





Pints &




And being the second time we've organised this I decided after much soul searching at the bottom of many beer cans on the 2!



See the work I do for you lot!


Hence TIPPLE-2


Similar to the original TIPPLE the schedule will be thus:-


Friday 27th April, evening - meet up and drink copiously

Saturday 28th April, morning - Breakfast and hangover nursing

Saturday 28th April, afternoon - To the bar!

Saturday 28th April, Evening - more bar-propping

Saturday 28th April, late nite - hunt down fast food to soak up libations

Sunday 29th April, morning - Breakfast, if you can stomach it & bleary checkout

Sunday 29th April, Afternoon - journey home realising why we don't TIPPLE more often!



Unlike the last TIPPLE, this time we're moving to the east coast, the capital of the good ol' US of A, Washington DC, where Marriott has a whole lot of lovely properties one of which will lose the draw and have to host us! Whatever we'll be close to the White House where a good ale awaits:



Um then again, maybe not, wrong White House apparently.


So, once again, we invite you to, come one, come all to TIPPLE-2. This time bejacob is keeping the list, check your name is on it here - TIPPLE 2 - Who Plans to Attend?


And if it isn't, then get it on by adding your name, and if you if don't know how then message one of our tame resident millennials jsucool76 or seatexan who'll see you alright with all that techie interwebthingy stuff.


See you at TIPPLE-2 on 27th to 29th April, 2018 - Washington DC, USA!