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Help. Weird Missing Stay Problem!

Question asked by 2queenbeds on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by nipper

I'm Platinum Elite. A month ago, I stayed at the Courtyard Marriott in Dresden for 1 night. I live in the U.S. I intentionally chose the Courtyard in order to meet a "gate" on my latest promotion. However, the stay never showed up in my Activity.


I have the initial reservation with confirmation number. I have the receipt from checkout -- except that it has only breakfast on it for some reason. It has a room number and accurate dates on it -- but it has no room charge at all. I'm not sure why!


I have called the Marriott Rewards Customer Service number many times, but held only 3 times to speak to somebody -- LONG wait times! The first time I spoke to somebody, I was told that my stay would show up soon -- not to worry. I was skeptical, seeing as the bill appears to be screwed up, but she assured me that there was no reason to worry. Wrong.


The second time, Veronica put me on hold to call the hotel, but with the 7 hour difference, the manager she was told to speak to was no longer in. So, she said she would fax them and ask them to email back. They never did. Nobody ever told me that they never did. I had to call again to ask about it.


The third time, Thomas (?) put me on hold to call the hotel ... and I think he said they confirmed my stay and that he  would have my stay credited by day's end. That was almost a week ago. Still no stay.


I have never had a stay that was NOT billed. I WANT this stay to be billed! I want the credit for the promotion!


I'm on hold for approximately 30 minutes again. Anybody else ever have this problem? This overseas hotel apparently failed to bill me for some unknown reason, although there's a room number and the proper dates on my invoice. What to do to get this solved?? Why can't Rewards Customer Service make this happen??


Thanks for your suggestions.