Modest Tweak to the Insiders Home Page?

Discussion created by bejacob on Jun 26, 2017

I noticed that the "Exclusive News" which always used to show up at the top of the content section of the home page has disappeared. Now it seems to be mixed in with the normal content. I'm counting this as a win. I posted a comment on a different thread ( /message/219724?commentID=219724#comment-219724) a few weeks ago. The important part was "while it's nice to see the "Exclusive News" when it first posts, once I've read it, I don't need to see it again. The way it is now, those posts show up at the top whenever I sign in."


Looks like that has changed now.


Thank you communitymanagers. To me, this proves you are listening and trying to make improvements. It may not be much and a fair number of folks probably won't even notice. I did and I appreciate the change.