How would you describe the way you travel?

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A week or so ago I read an article that divided frequent flyers into three categories

  • Aviation Geeks - just love planes and flying
  • Luxury Value Seekers - use points and status to enjoy upgraded travel without paying full price
  • Lowest Price Travelers - all about flying for the lowest possible cost


It got me thinking about not just flying, but travel in general.


I tend to be something of a bargain-seeking loyalist, who doesn't mind the occasional splurge

  • I stick with Marriott and my preferred FF program(s)
  • While price is a factor, lowest cost is not a requirement (the best value often means spending a little more)
  • Sometimes paying (close to) "full price" is worth it to guarantee FC seats or a specific room type
  • An unbelievably good deal could lure me to travel outside of my loyalty programs, though that rarely happens


I'm sure there are many different types of travels on Insiders. Some might even change habits depending on whether traveling for business or leisure.


How would you describe the way you travel?