The Ultimate Whisky Tasting!

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I am definitely interested in going. It is on a Thursday so I would have to take some time off of work, however if Rip Van Winkle will be there, it might all be worth it! I missed the event at the JW Grosvenor in London, but I did try it while there!


Below: JW Steakhouse - Park Lane, London Whisky Bar:



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Thoughts iahflyr and nationwide?


Gah, I forgot...Sorry iahflyr...


Dress Code:


"Whiskies of the World is a luxury event and we want you to be dressed for a classy night on the town! We invite you to wear kilts, party dresses and dinner jackets. Please no torn, ripped or worn clothing, shorts, flip flops or sports clothing."

Might be a deal breaker for you!