You Can Never Go Back - Portland Marriott at Sable Oaks

Discussion created by ssindc on Jun 25, 2017
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Spent last night at the Portland Marriott at Sable Oaks.  Was curious to see it, because - back in the late 1980's - this was the hotel that began my Marriott quest (and steady march to Lifetime Platinum) - that's where I earned my distinctive (then coveted, and now rare) Marriott Marquis luggage tag.


Alas, it was a significant disappointment.  (I'm assuming I was unlucky, and the staff was understaffed and overwhelmed by the wedding party there last night.)

  • Brutally loud (jet engine inspired) air conditioning unit;
  • Desk chair was too big for room - we were constantly crawling over/around it;
  • A room service tray was on the floor outside a room near ours for the duration of our stay;
    • similarly, used towels and food service items (plates and glasses) remained on the table outside the pool area for the duration of our stay -  our window looked down on it, and it was a surprising eyesore....
  • The bathtub fixtures were loose and not fully affixed to the wall;
  • The robe in the closet was threadbare, and - to the extent it had no belt/tie - was useless;
  • The breakfast buffet was a study in poor layout and management
    • the flow in the room was non-existent - all interactions with the (nice) omelette station caused 3-5 people to move, apologize, and re-form their lines;
    • no water to be found - had to ask the restaurant manager for a couple of glasses;
    • no implement for the waffle iron - some poor kid made his waffle then stood there - watching it burn - while the staff disappeared to (slowly) find something to remove the waffle;
    • the toaster was having problems - so burnt toast smell and smoke pervaded the buffet room;
    • spoons were at a premium - soup spoons could be found near the oatmeal, tea (or coffee or yogurt) spoons were never discovered.
  • If there was a concierge lounge, it was not mentioned to us - although we were there on a weekend.
  • Fortunately, the beds were (very) comfortable, and
  • Most of the staff that we interacted with were very nice.