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How to get ahold of a manager?

Question asked by clebert on Jun 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by communitymanagers

I've had a couple of botched stays at Minneapolis Marriott West, resulting in a paper document they issued called "gift certificate" good for one night at the hotel.  I've called 4 times to redeem this gift certificate.  The first call was to the platinum desk, and they said that I could only redeem by working directly with local personnel at the hotel.  The second call was to the hotel where I was told to call back the next day before 4pm and ask for Dan Gordon.  The third call was the next day before 3pm asking for Dan Gordon, and I was put into Dan's voice mail where I left a polite and detailed message asking him to return my call.  The fourth call was again to Dan Gordon where I left another message explaining my situation and asking him to return my call.  I tried to be polite but if he has any type of clue as to human relations, no doubt he could tell in my voice that I am irritated (I tried to hide it, but I don't think I was very successful).  I need to get this booked, or if the won't honor the certificate, I need to know that so that I can make alternative arrangements.  Any idea how I can get this done without additional rounds of phone tag?