Upgrading award stay with points

Discussion created by marriott8 on Jun 18, 2017
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I have an upcoming award stay at RC in Moscow, initially when booking only the standard room was available, however few days ago I checked the availability in "change reservation" panel and there were a various different rooms and suites (including club access) available to upgrade using the 5k/night upgrade certificates or combinations of cash and points. Seeing that I have requested points transfer to MR so that I can get the upgraded room. The transfer was completed today, however all the possible upgrade options were no longer being displayed and the only available room was the standard one I have booked.



I have called the platinum line and they just said they don't see any upgrade options at the moment and confirmed that what they see is the same that I can check online (as in they don't have any more options for change than I do).



I have then called the hotel directly, while the reservation team was no longer available I got connected to the front desk where they told me they do not have access to Rewards, they don't see how many points do I have and they can not make any changes that include points - they did offer club access at crazy $250 per night though (it's a category 2 property!). They recommended calling the Rewards helpline as apparently only they can help me, so I did make another call this time to the Rewards helpline (as opposed to the Platinum reservation line I called before) - sadly they didn't see any upgrade options either.



Now my question is how can I book the award upgrade? It seemed like the option only appeared briefly for 1-2 days, is there any chance it will appear again? Who is responsible for putting the upgrade options in the system, is it anyone at the hotel (the reservation team that I wasn't able to reach today maybe)? Is there anyone else I could possibly get in touch with?



How else could I go about securing the upgrade?