LNF a joke

Discussion created by yogib on Jun 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by marvelmed

It seems like a nice feature, but the Look No Further price guarantee is incredibly hard to obtain.


For an industry that sees rates change every few hours, it's not hard to understand that if Marriott takes 12 hours to review my form, of course those rates have changed again. Already when I was submitting the form, rates were slowly going up again.


So I submitted the form and upon confirmation, they also show their email address, so I also immediately submitted screenshots. Despite everything, LNF price match was refused.


I can understand Marriott wants proof that we're not lying to get a lower rate, but they should also understand that 12h reaction time is too long.


So my client had already reserved a room at the Capitol Hill Ottawa (180$). I hoped to get my 359$ reservation at the Ottawa Marriott matched with the 299$ that Priceline and certain other websites were showing (-25% additional), so I would end up with 224$.


Considering that I'd be upgraded with a breakfast in the CL, I'd discount on my per diem and that would make the difference negligible. But if Marriott is so stubborn on their own LNF terms & conditions, I'll need to cancel my reservation.


Anything the communitymanagers can do in this case?