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Discussion created by wannabetitanium on Jun 15, 2017
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I recently stayed at a Fairfield Inn. The website says it has a fitness center. it seems that the standard fitness center in the non full service brands consist of dumbbells going up to 50lbs, benchs, and cardio equipment. I can make this work. This particular Fairfield inns fitness center was a room the size of a walk in closest with a treadmill and an elliptical. No weights at all. Pretty disappointing. it strikes me as odd they don't invest more in the fitness center. You can get the set off dumbbells going up to 50lbs for $500. thats. Petty sum and it seems pretty lame they would choose not to do this. I usually choose my hotel based off the fitness center and I am sure I am

not the only one who values a good fitness center so I wonder why more effort is not put in. For example you could hang a pull up bar on the wall for $50 or less yet I have never seen one on A Marriott property. If you don't at least have the dumbbells (that most do) then you shouldnt be allowed to advertise a fitness center. A walk in closest with a treadmill is not a fitness center. marriott enforce some sort of minimum standard. Most at least have the minimum standard of the dumbbells going up to 50lbs which should be the minimum requirement. a treadmill and an elipitical is a weak attempt at a gym and if the hotel is busy good luck even getting on one of them. wannabplatinum needs to stay fit on the road.


End rant. Thank you.