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Discussion created by jean.sullivan on Jun 14, 2017
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Hello everyone! I'm SO excited to be going to Atlantis in a few weeks. This is my first trip there and I am hoping to share my experience to help others as well as get recommendations from people who have been there.  Everyone I know that has been says its an AH-MAZING experience but pricey. I booked using rewards points to stay at the Cove (180K points = 4 nights + 5th night free). We chose the Cove over the iconic Towers even though we have kids because at the Royal Towers the room was less than 500 sq feet and a terrace view.  We are a family of four;  I have a 14 year old step daughter and a 6 year old son... we need some space. At the Cove, for 20K more points, we were able to book a suite which is 700+ sq feet and has an ocean view. Made sense to me.


We are a little under a month out from our vacation and booked excursions last night. I have to admit it was a little frustrating. I used the link in my email confirmation which took me to the website. In no way that I could see did this "link" the excursions to my booking. It didn't ask me to sign in or for a booking number. Perhaps they do it my name.


The webpage was frustrating - if you navigated away from it at all or went back, it cleared all your progress. It said you had 60 minutes to complete the reservation, but it timed us out often in just 10 minutes or so and we had to start over. Once we finally had everything figured out and went to check out, we entered our billing information and hit purchase only to have it tell me that some of the time slots we chose were now booked. This was frustrating that they did not "hold" the slots while we were filling out the page and entering billing information.  During this We called customer service and we were on hold for a long time so I also started a web chat. In the end, we booked our excursions but confirmed that indeed some of the original timeslots we wanted were now booked so we settled for others. What I was pleasantly pleased with was all that we could do for just $500 and change. I expected it be more expensive! For just over $500 this is what we booked: Rise and Shine with the dolphins encounter for all 4 of us, Paddleboard with the dolphins for 2 people, Deep Swim with the dolphins for 1, and the Squirts encounter with sting rays for my son only. There are a few others I am thinking about, but am not sure if its worth it. We wanted to do the Sea Lion encounter for all 4 of us, but that alone would cost $700+. Also, my husband and I really want to Snorkel the Ruins, but my lovely step daughter won't be caught dead in the water with sharks and my son is too young. Any thoughts on all of these excursions? Any suggestions? The Customer Service representative did say not to wait until we get on property to add any excursions as they are all typically booked by then.


We still have to book dinner reservations. We are thinking maybe one nice dinner and the rest casual. Any suggestions?