I thought this was a JW?

Discussion created by frente89 on Jun 14, 2017
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Just got back from a business trip in Miami.  I stayed at the JW Marriott in Brickell.  My firm normally does not put us up in JW's, but since it is off season, this trip worked.  I feel compelled to say something about the experience.  It was primarily good...with some more bad.


1.  Location is awesome. Easy to walk to the office.  Easy to get to food.

2.  The room was nicely appointed.  I got lucky enough to get on the top floor directly across from the Presidential suite.  For two seconds, I thought I got upgraded to the VP suite. Not so much!

3.  The pool "looked" fantastic.  I did not get a chance to go in.  I chose to go in on my final night in Miami and got a nice note in the room indicating that there was a private event and no one was allowed to go to the pool area.  What were the chances?  I called down to the front desk.  They said the pool would be open by 10:00PM, which was too late and I had to be out of there early in the morning.

You can tell the property is a bit older.  The check-in situation was a little confusing.  There was no place to park the car for a moment to check in.  When I arrived, no one was there.  I just rolled in and right out of the building.  Had to go around the block to try again.  This time someone was there.


The real reason I chose to put this all down on "paper" is to discuss my disappointment with the concierge suite food.  Some of us have to work very hard to get Gold+ status or to maintain said status.  I looked forward to getting a chance to enjoy some quiet time in our suite.  I have become accustomed to the usual eggs, sausage, bacon, bread, fruit, cheese, and assorted meat array.  What I was immediately annoyed with was the bread and the toaster. This bread was so awful.  You could tell it was frozen and recently thawed.  I first noticed it with the bagels.  I thought that it might have been a fluke.  So the next day I tried the wheat toast.  Guess what?  Same exact thing!  I need to power through this.  The last oddity I noticed was this morning on the cheese plate.  The suite attendees put American Cheese on the plate and tried to pass it as cheddar.  I thought to myself, "this is a JW Marriott.  There is NO WAY they would put American cheese out."  I tasted it, and it was confirmed...American cheese.  Which is a cheese that I loathe to very core.  (btw - the fruit was excellent and fresh.  I ate a bunch!)  We spend a lot of money to travel and to earn our statuses.  The toaster: they need a new one ASAP.  The right side is broken.  You cannot depress the lever all the way down, thus, 1/3 of your bread is sticking out.  And it only heated on one side.  It would be nice if the suite, this one in particular, would mirror the @drive to excellence.  Not to mention the staff lingering over the tables, adding place mats and other dishes to the other side of the table when clearly no one else is there.  It happened every day that I was there.  Not to say that I am anti-social.  I am saying that you don't need to set the table for the next person while I am still sitting here.


Overall,  this IS a nice property.  I did enjoy my staff.  I wish they would step up their game on the 21st floor and get it together.