Platinum Elite line ... not good.

Discussion created by taxman193 on Jun 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2017 by blakemarriottforlife

I rarely complain but OMG .. I should have known better to call on a weekend. I never use the Platinum Elite line because I can usually take care of everything online. I called to today because I have a 7 night certificate ( I purchased the air and 7 night certificate for the Southwest Companion pass ) and simply wanted to change the dates and hotel from what I currently have. The person I talked too was very confused. First she said the hotel and room I wanted was available (which I knew it was) and said we should be all set but then said let me put you on hold so I can transfer the certificate ... After putting me on hold for 30 minutes (not kidding) she came back and said they can't do it because the points have to first be deposited back. I said this is NOT points .. it is a certificate and all you have to do is transfer the reservation. She said .. well that's what rewards is telling me to do. Ughhh.. What happened to customer service. I will wait until Monday to call some of the weekday people and hope it goes better. Wish I could just cancel the certificate online and take care of it myself. Very frustrating.