soiled dirty woman's underwear found in CY room

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I've been going to CY Downtown Toronto for many years now, and last year (~ May 2016) it underwent a complete renovation.  Incidentally, I believe it used to be a franchise before and now it's corporate owned - don't know if that matters.



Over the past year, I have found more problems (at least 6 off the top of my head) during stays than before like hair-clogged tub drains, damaged bathroom fixtures/accessories, leaky toilets, stains on walls, etc.  All the incidents were brought to the attention of the front desk / office manager on duty at the time as FYI, and supposedly escalated to the respective team members/managers - housekeeping, maintenance, etc. where "they will check my room prior to my arrival to ensure everything is in working order from a maintenance and housekeeping standpoint".



Anyhow, during a January 2017 stay, there was hair clogging the tub drain, the bathroom magnifying wall mount mirror was loosely hanging from the wall, 3-4 inch stains on the wall.  Frustrated with the continuing deficiencies, I asked for a 1-night full refund from the front office manager; to which after months of waiting for a response, they are now (June 2017) offering 5000 points.



During my last stay (May 2017), I found a pair of soiled dirty woman's underwear underneath the sofa bed where the armrest/frame is closest to the bed !  Who knows how long it was there, as the area underneath the sofa bed was very dirty and had not been vacuumed for a long while by its' appearance - possibly since the renovation a year ago when the new furniture was installed.

Housekeeping and the front office manager came to the room to see the situation and clean the area.

The front office manager apologized and offered a choice of 3 forms of compensation - 1) free dinner & wine, 2) 3000 points or 3) 25-30% off room rate.  I told him (different front office manager than January stay) about the January incident and the lack of response for months.



I have not accepted their offer of 5000 & 3000 points, which I feel are inadequate.

I am a gold member but don't typically make requests or seek compensation.

I would appreciate the input of others to hear what you feel is adequate, and ways to escalate.  I feel I'm being low-balled and under appreciated as a long-term and gold member.



Thank you in advance and have a great day.