75 Cent Wing Day

Discussion created by iahflyr on Jun 9, 2017
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It was a gorgeous day in The Woodlands, Texas, yesterday so with the yard work done it was time to hope on the Schwinn and take an eight minute ride (or 11 minute ride in the car) over to a great spot to enjoy some erc style lunch and the special of the day (check them out) at Home - The Gooses Acre Bistro and Irish Pub - 21 Waterway, The Woodlands, Texas which has specials many days of the week.  Yesterday it was 75 cent wing days (not normally a fan of fried foods) and I have no idea where Brian the owner gets them, but they are HUGE!!  What a great day to be alive and great day to spend it with your best bud talking about aviation, vodka, beer and whiskey with our ole pal Rob the bartender.


Hey taxman193 when you're in town bet I'll find you at the Goose as it is a minute walk from the Marriott!



It's just what old retired guys do when not playing golf!