Another: Where Would You Use a 7 Night Marriott Rewards Travel Package Redemption- IN THE US?

Discussion created by corrie1013 on Jun 2, 2017
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Hi all!  So, I saw the other thread about where you would use a 7 night Marriott travel package...and I love all the answers in that thread- but I wanted to focus just on where you might go for 7 nights within the United States and what you might do in those locations for those seven days, i.e., would you take day trips (and where), would you lay on a beach all day/every day, are there different attractions to see in the town you're based in?


Background:  We redeemed points for a Cat 7 travel package to include the Southwest miles for a Companion Pass.  We had planned to use it for a week in Cancun- originally booked for us to leave next week!- but life happened and we ended up having to cancel that trip.  Not sure if we will choose to go to Mexico, now (and we chose Cancun because it was an easy flight from SAT) so now I am looking for someplace else to visit that we could 1) possibly use Southwest to travel to and 2) pretty easy to get to.  I'd love to do Aruba or Costa Rica for 7 days, but it would take an entire day to get those types of locations.


We're traveling with 2 adults and 2 young girls (8 & 5) we like resorts and beach time, but open to new ideas and experiences. One of my thoughts was flying to Phoenix, stay at one of the Marriott resorts there and use it as a base to go to the Grand Canyon...but then I didn't know what else we would do there.


Would love to hear if anyone has done 7 nights here in the US and what went into the trip...thanks!