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Transferring Stash Rewards to Marriott

Question asked by gerizzo on May 29, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by jsucool76

I am a Stash rewards member only because I stayed exclusively at The Strand (now, Marriott Club Pulse) in New York City. Each of my stays at The Strand gave me points totaling 10,556. Suddenly, the hotel was bought by Marriott and is currently being renovated to Marriott specs. I joined the Marriott rewards program as this is still my preferred hotel for the location, etc. Given that Marriott has take over the property and there are likely other guests who used the hotel exclusively as part of the Stash program, I would fully expect Marriott to honor those points or convert the equivalent to Marriott Rewards. It certainly was not the choice, nor is it the fault of the guests and loyal customers, that the hotel was taken over once we were enrolled in the program and therefore, as a show of good faith and proper customer service, I would expect that a company as large as Marriott would take interest in doing the right thing by its customers and converting those rewards to their current program. As you can see via my attachment, I have only stayed at this hotel and no other. My points were all acquired via The Strand until recently when I joined the Marriott program and stayed at Club Pulse to earn my first batch of rewards under your program.


I am interested to know what can be done about this as at this time, I am choosing to stay with the property despite the change in ownership (which has resulted in increased rates but is still worth it, to me...). I will continue to accumulate points going forward with Marriott but would like to utilize my points that I've earned throughout my time as a loyal guest of the hotel.



Gioia E. Rizzo