Peabody and TaskRabbit

Discussion created by rickyzackybobby on May 24, 2017
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A lot of my stays are more than a week in duration. I absolutely hate to go grocery shopping or shopping in general. So depending on the location of where i'm staying, I use Peapod to do my grocery shopping and TaskRabbit to do my laundry and errands for me. Unfortunately Peapod and TaskRabbit are not in all the locations I travel. Besides the shopping service offered by hotels (RI, Homewood Suites, etc..) which I haven't had a lot of luck with, does anyone else use a online grocery service besides Peapod? I haven't tried Walmart's version since it's offered in very few markets and the markets it's offered in are usually covered by Peapod. Think Schwan's would deliver to a hotel?


Let me know how you purchase groceries and run errands besides doing them yourself on long term hotel stays.