Excluding Ritz Reserve makes no sense

Discussion created by wally3433 on May 22, 2017

You cannot earn or redeem points when staying at the three Ritz Reserve properties.  This makes no sense whatsoever.  Why would the Marriott/Ritz build brand loyalty, and then exclude the best they have to offer.


On the earning side - what is the issue here?  Does it cost more for the hotel to be a part of MR?  Every other hotel in the system has figured out the cost, why can't these three properties?  Just charge a bit more per night.


On the redemption side - MR already has inflated point redemption rates, why not just create a separate category for these three hotels at like 100k per night?  Again, there has to be a number that makes sense.


I love the Dorado Beach location, but lack of participation has me looking elsewhere.  If I am going to pay $1,200 a night plus a $100 resort fee per night, I sure would like to earn points on that?


Future Reserve properties in Panama, Morocco and Los Cabos will just make it more frustrating.