Warning: Do Not Purchase Points Online!

Discussion created by ella31 on May 17, 2017

I made the mistake last week of using the on-line "purchase points" function, and it has been a disaster. I won't drag you through the step by step misery of what occurred, but in sum: 1) the points weren't deposited into my account in 24-48 hours, as promised, or even 5 days, even though when I made the transaction I received a confirmation email and my credit card was charged almost immediately; 2) this caused problems with my upcoming redemption stay that I needed the points for, problems which I am still trying to work out and which may end up costing me several hundred dollars; and 3) I have spent hours on the phone with unusually rude Marriott Rewards customer service reps trying to work the problems out (and this is the Platinum line, where you would think one would get extra-special service!)


Then, when I told the customer service supervisor I had requested to speak to that I thought I deserved some compensation for the multiple lengthy phone calls I had spent just trying to get points I had already paid for, she snippily agreed to give me... drum roll... 1000 points!  In other words, $12.50 worth of points in compensation for several hours of my time and considerable aggravation.


Clearly there are major communications and/or systems problems between MR and what I assume is an outside vendor that processes the points purchase. The advice I got from one of the MR customer service reps was that the best way to purchase points is to call MR, and that way they will be deposited immediately. It is unclear to me why an online purchase of points can immediately generate a (clearly automated) email receipt and credit card charge, but can't equally easily generate an automated credit of points to the member's account, since these are not physical objects. But for some reason this seems to be being handled as if the points are physical objects that need to be shipped to the US from Australia or vice versa.


Do any of the moderators have comments on whether MR is doing anything to fix this situation?